2600 series curtainwall 

To become the go-to curtainwall for a luxury home, it takes first-class thermal performance, clean lines, and great value. Alumicor 2600 series has it all. It’s TAG’s recommended standard for all residential applications. Numerous customization options make it suited to meet almost any design intent.


900 series fixed windows

To materialize your design in an elegant and energy efficient way, this frame system ticks every box, without the high cost. Sealed system or "rain screen” with operable vents are available, as well as numerous customization options. Air light sight lines make your fixed windows look gorgeous.


2300 series skylights

Alumicor skylights are made for Canadian climate and have condensation gutters built in. They are capable of varying designs — from single slope applications to pyramids, and feature matching finishes to the other elements of your project. All without breaking the bank.