Residential projects


Village House

Curtainwall, sliding doors

Juniper House

Alumicor triple glazed 2600 series, 1350 vents and Fleetwood doors

River House

Custom glass floor, hinged door, multi-slide door, wood pivot door, glass doors, aluminum slider, custom aluminum threshold, aluminum details

House on the Hill

Curtainwall, sliding doors, aluminum panels


Curtainwall, aluminum doors

The White House

Alumicor 1990 series windows, 1350 vents and Fleetwood 12' tall sliding doors

Renaissance Velvet House

Alumicor 2600 series windows, Fleetwood 3070CR sliding doors and windows

Gallery House

Sliding doors, curtainwall, skylight, pivot door, swing door

Spiral House

Curtainwall, sliding door, aluminum sunshades, aluminum door, punched opening windows, skylight

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