Entrance doors


Reynaers CS 77

We’ve partnered with a European maker of high-end aluminum swing doors to get access to their proprietary technologies, like premium handle options, and to provide you exclusive access to their unique designs. With the capability for both concealed and butt hinges, Reynaers swing doors come standard with multi-point hardware or optional longer exterior ladder pulls. These are some of the best aluminum swing doors in existence delivering truly premium quality.


Pivot doors


Reynaers CS 77

Reynaers makes pivot doors with the best comfort and safety of what we’ve tried (and we’ve tried a lot). To match your design intent, our pivot doors come in a variety of aesthetic shapes. Different inner and outer colors are possible for both inward and outward opening doors. Highly desirable, offset pivot doors are also available as a factory built option.


Sliding doors


Reynaers CP 130

To make a sliding door easy to operate without allowing water or cold air in, we had to look for something better than ordinary brush seals. What we’ve found from Reynaers is exceptional. Turn the handle 180 degrees — and the sliding door panel lifts up on Swiss bearing rollers providing frictionless operation. Turn the handle back, and the panel eases down from the weight of itself causing an air and water tight compression seal. It can be a single slider with the fixed glass also having a matching panel or the fixed glass can be glazed directly into the frame maximizing glass and light. The system also accommodates multi-slide panels for vast glass openings and seamless mitered corner posts to open up the corner of your building. The lift-n-slide hardware can handle weights up to 800 lb. allowing large panels and triple pane glazing.  Just visualize a 16’ wide sliding door in your home where 1 sliding 8’ wide panel opens effortlessly and seals perfectly in Canadian winters.


Reynaers Hi-Finity

With its ultimate thermal performance, sleek profile, and structural strength, Reynaers Hi-Finity shifts the limits of what designs are technologically possible to implement. It provides maximized glass and minimized aluminum along with superior performance in operation and thermal efficiency. This is achieved by integrating structural laminated and tempered glass around the frames to create one structural system with an extremely narrow interlock profile. Sliding panels can weigh up to 1,100 lb. allowing for huge dimensions. Multi-slide and corner configurations also available. In order to achieve flawless quality, all glazing for the Hi-Finity is done at Reynaers head facility in Belgium.


Reynaers CP 155

If profile thinness is not a major factor, but thermal performance and structural capabilities are important, consider Reynaers CP155 series. It’s our strongest and most thermally efficient frame of all.


Folding doors and windows


Reynaers CF 77

Our ultimate folding door system is designed to hold the weight of the panels on the sill allowing wider panels which maximizes glass and reduces costs. The system can stack left or right, inside or outside and can have an integrated door with multi-point hardware for easy in and out access to the barbecue or deck.


CR Laurence Monterey

A more cost-effective alternative to Reynaers CF77, Monterey doors with an Isostrut thermal break still perform for our climate and have options for multi-point swing doors. It's a top-hung system with the rolling hardware at the head of the operating panels which is better suited for lighter dual glazed applications.

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