Alumicor 2600

To become the go-to curtainwall for a luxury home, it takes thermal performance, clean lines, and great value. Alumicor 2600 series curtainwall has it all. It’s suited to meet virtually any design intent and thermal performance target. The 2600 series system is TAG’s recommended standard for all residential applications with such features as:

  • Double or triple pane glazing
  • 2-1/2” face dimension
  • 1350 or Phantom vents integrated
  • Compatibility with Thermaporte 7700 or 7600 doors
  • Numerous custom exterior components

Alumicor 2500

To best suit commercial applications, Alumicor 2500 series curtainwall provides additional cost benefits. This series is highly customizable, and comes with numerous options ranging from deep cap to sunshade profiles, as well as structural silicone glazing, 2 or 4 sided. The design complies with temperature resistance standards, and is available with different back section depths to accommodate various wind loads.

  • 1” double glazed
  • 2-1/2” face dimension
  • 1350 or Phantom vents are supported
  • Doors can be installed into the system

Alumicor 2200

For commercial applications where narrow lines are desired and the windows are small enough to accommodate 2” profile, Alumicor 2200 series curtainwall is a perfect choice. The design is thermally broken and complies with the standards for energy efficiency. Available with 2-3/4”, 4” and 5-1/4” back section depths to accommodate various wind loads. For varying exterior projection, the capping comes in varying depths as well.

  • 1” double glazed
  • 2” face dimension
  • 1350 or Phantom vents are supported
  • Doors can be installed into the system

Fixed windows


Reynaers CS 77

To implement your most advanced designs in a thermally efficient way, our top quality fixed windows from Reynaers deliver the very best of what’s technologically accomplishable with aluminum today and what’s about to become standard for other high-end windows tomorrow.


Alumicor 900

A more economical option from Alumicor also meets our standards for quality. This fixed window system comes with a multitude of configuration options, so you can have your windows your way. It features a narrow 1-1/2” perimeter sightlines and 2-1/4” intermediate mullion sightlines, combined with various depths to meet wind load requirements. Sealed system or “rain screen” principle with operable vents are available. Double or triple glazing, along with an optional air barrier flange provide high energy efficiency, without the high cost.




Alumicor 3400

A cost-driven commercial project will be carried out the best way possible with Alumicor 3400 series which allows for an efficient, basic profile and clean installation with 1” dual pane glass. This center glazed storefront features thermally broken material for exterior applications. Available in 2” x 4-1/2” frame. The system can also seamlessly integrate doors.


Alumicor 1800

For an interior window or a vestibule, where thermal performance isn’t an essence, we’ve selected Alumicor 1800 series. This system provides cost benefits and clean looks. It comes standard with 1-3/4” x 4-1/2” frame and is generally used with 6 mm glass, but can also be used with thicker glass for larger glazed applications.




Alumicor 2300

To implement your original design without breaking the bank, we work with a Canadian glazing supplier that makes its products for the Canadian climate. Alumicor skylights are capable of varying designs from single slope applications to pyramids, and feature built-in condensation gutters along with matching finishes to the other elements of your project.


For ultimate thermal performance single slope, small openings and venting skylights please inquire for FAKRO products.

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