Excellence in every detail

To provide you the most perfect glazing, we consider every element that contributes to your satisfaction: thermal comfort, visual appearance, sustainability, and value. And we find the best, most “Alberta way” to excel in each one of them. The result is glazing that’s better in its very essence. Glazing of truly superior quality. Download brochure


Uncompromising glazing for the modern house

By using custom installation methods, we break through today’s limits of what’s achievable to allow maximum light in, while keeping temperatures out. Whether it’s a 30’ by 12’ multi-slide or a 5’ by 9’ offset pivot door, there’s no need to compromise the looks or comfort. Everything we do is eco-friendly, fit for use, and worth every penny. Get a quote



About Thermal Aluminum & Glass

Since 2009, we’ve been leveraging the innovative power of top suppliers in North America and the expertise of the highest skilled glaziers — to set new standards for what designs are possible and how extreme temperatures can be resisted with aluminum windows and doors in a residential application.